WeSP: Web Security and Privacy

Weaving together technology innovation with human and policy considerations.


This project will carry out fundamental research in 5 key themes: Build tools to enable end-users to effectively control their privacy, focusing on social networking websites; Create training material and automated systems to combat phishing, in the context of the web and location-based services; Develop and evaluate mechanisms and design principles to help users decide whether or not they can trust different types of digital services; Test automated approaches to detecting copyright breach and enforcement of copyright policies in the context of peer-to-peer networks and related services; and use formal methods to validate policy languages developed in the context of online social networking.

The Uminho team is focused on the topic of Trustworthy Services: Building Trust through Identity, Design and Reputation. The goal is to extend trust and security policies to the specific application domain of situated services, in which physical presence and familiarity arise as distinctive characteristics. The instant places technology for situated displays will be used as a case study as as the basis for the development and evaluation of the new trust algorithms being developed.

This project is a partnership between University of Madeira (leader), University of Minho, Instituto Superior Técnico, a multi-disciplinary team from Carnegie Mellon University, and SAPO/Portugal Telecom.


Running between March 2009 and February 2012 (36 month).

Project Team

The UMinho team is composed by Rui José, Nuno Otero and Jorge Cardoso.

Project Resources

Main project web site: http://wesp.m-iti.org/about.html}