Workshop on pervasive display infrastructures, interfaces and applications

Burlington Hotel, Dublin
May 7th, 2006



Call for Papers



Organised as part of the workshop program of PERVASIVE 2006



Burlington Hotel (Clanwilliam room), May 7th, 2006

9.00 Workshop Opening

9.15 Session1 - Presentations

AshiNavi: A Footprint-based Ambient Navigation System
Shunsaku Yamazaki, Tomotaka Ito, Kyouhei Kawata, Naoya Namatame, Eiichi Ogahara, Gen Takahashi, Masaki Ito, Jin Nakazawa, and Hideyuki Tokuda [PDF]

Soft Surface Displays: Exploiting Reflection and Dispersion of Liquids
Alois Ferscha and Heinrich Schmitzberger [PDF] [Slides]

A Camera-Based Touch Interface for Pervasive Displays
Gerald D. Morrison [PDF]

Interactive Care Wall
Chu-feng Lien, Hao-ji Wu, Hao-hua Chu [PDF]

Interfaces for Managing Applications and Input in Multi-Device Environments
Jacob T. Biehl and Brian P. Bailey [PDF] [Slides]

10.30 Coffee Break

11.00 Session2 - Presentations

Oi! Capturing User Attention Within Pervasive Display Environments
Keith Mitchell and Nicholas J.P. Race [PDF]

Realizing the coexistence of portability and large sized displays in your portable device
Sung-Hyuk Kwon1, Min-Ho Ryu and Seongcheol Kim [PDF]

Research Resumée - Position Paper.
Christian Kray [PDF]

Beyond Application-Led Research in Pervasive Display Systems
Rui José [PDF] [Slides]

Comparing Interaction Styles for Shared Use of Pervasive Applications
Jan M.V. Misker1, A.H.J. Oomes, Mark A. Neerincx [PDF]

Interacting with Tangible Displays
Paul Holleis, Enrico Rukzio, Thomas Kraus, Matthias Kranz, Albrecht Schmidt [PDF]

12.30 Lunch

14.00 Session 3 - Group Work

Workshop participants will gather in groups to discuss the main workshop topics

Slides [Group A] [Group B]

15.45 Coffee Break

16.30 Session 4 - Conclusions

This session will be dedicated to the workshop conclusions

17.45 End of workshop

Guidelines for participants


Presentations should be about 10 minutes long with a few additional minutes at the end for questions.

Group discussions will focus on the classification of existing technologies and applications as well as an in-depth analysis of how well they support individual and group work. Another important objective is to identify key design elements that can help to categorise the vast range of situated displays systems. This outcome would be very important to enlighten future developments and facilitate comparison between existing approaches. Participants may submit additional topics that they would like to discuss during the workshop. Suggestions should be sent to rui at and include an expected outcome.

The workshop day

The workshop takes place at the Burlington Hotel (Clanwilliam room) on May 7th. Conference and Workshop registration will be open in the hotel on the evening of May 6th and the morning of May 7th.

The room will have theatre style seats, water, note pads, a flip chart, screen and projector (Plan of the hotel).

Keep in mind that 230v with 3 square pin plugs are used in Ireland (

The workshop will be followed by a voluntary dinner.












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