A strong coupling between higher education and research is increasingly accepted as a fundamental element in a knowledge-based society, amd sometimes it’s hard to develop or write something special, and we prefer to use in any cases, that relates to essay writings, papers, etc. This is increasingly important, not only from the traditional perspective of developing the educator’s competences, but also in the perspective of enabling learning contexts that stimulate in the students the development of research skills.

Our group has been very active in promoting education and advanced training within the scientific areas of its research, with a strong emphasis on the inter-relationship between research and education programs. This has also been very important to the group’s ability to attract research students both at MSc and PhD level. The Ubicomp group has a very strong role in the creation of MSc programs and is active, both in teaching and supervising, in the Doctoral Programs in Telecommunications, Informatics and Information Systems.This is a list of the courses directly related with our research area in which we are actively involved:

MAP-i: Doctoral Programme in Computer Science

MAP-i is the joint doctoral programme in Computer Science of Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade do Porto (MAP), three top universities in the north of Portugal. The MAP Consortium is strongly involved in the CMU-Portugal partnership between Carnegie Mellon University and the Portuguese Universities. The program has two main strands:

  • Ubiquitous Computing (formerly Systems Software for Ambient Intelligence)
  • Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing

MAP-tele: Doctoral Programme in Telecommunications

The MAP-tele Doctoral Programme in Telecommunications is a joint venture of Universidade do Minho, Universidade de Aveiro and Universidade do Porto (MAP), three Portuguese Universities with a strong tradition in the area of Telecommunications Engineering. The program has two main strands:

  • Wireless Networks and Protocols
  • Mobile Computing

MEI/MI: Masters in Informatics

We participate in the 30 ECTS course on Engineering Communication Services and Ubiquitous Services with the module on Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing.

MERSCOM: Master Course on Computer Networks and Services

This Master Course aims at promoting a comprehensive and deep knowledge in computer networks and services, including the study of fixed and mobile network infrastructures. We are offering the modules listed below.

  • Ubiquitous Systems
  • Wireless and Mobile Communication Networks
  • Real-time and Distributed Programming
  • Advance Routing and Forwarding

Integrated Master Course in Communications Engineering

This Master course includes some courses in his final years directly related with Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, and which have been coordinated by this group.

  • Ubiquitous Computing
  • Mobile Networks
  • Routing in IP Networks

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